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How does a sleep psychologist help me to improve my sleep?


Our focus is to help individuals, couples, parents and children become experts in managing their sleep.

We achieve this through delivering evidence-based treatments for sleep problems and by providing education, strategies, support, and encouragement so that you can develop new sleep habits.

The consequences of poor sleep can seem so dire that we’re willing to try ANYTHING to get a good night’s sleep. Some of us will sleep in, take a nap or try going to bed early. As things worsen, we might reach for alcohol or sleeping tablets, or even buy a new mattress. While these responses may work for a short time, the problem is that they can often make sleep worse in the long term.

, How we can help

At talking sleep we know that sleep difficulties can be treated best with compassion and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia. CBTI addresses the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that surround sleep issues so that you experience a good night’s sleep and healthy sleep patterns for life. We tailor therapy to your individual needs.

Sleep difficulties are often associated with anxiety and hyperarousal. Psychologists are best equipped to treat these conditions. We also recognise that sleep difficulties occur in a context, whether it be family, couples, or individuals.

For example, it can often feel that our partners or family don’t understand how alone and isolated you may feel when experiencing insomnia. We provide resources for partners and other family members so that you can receive the support and understanding you need and so can they.

It’s not easy to change our thoughts and behaviours around sleep. At Talking Sleep, we understand this and provide a compassionate, warm space where these changes can occur. We do not want to become another sleep support, but rather enable you to manage your insomnia independently and confidently. We do this by offering our sleep programs online individually and in group formats.

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