Tackling Insomnia

Improving your sleep: Tackling Insomnia

The most effective long-term treatment for insomnia is a psychology-based treatment, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT-I).

, Tackling Insomnia

This program will assist all you in treating the underlying causes of your insomnia in a warm and accepting group environment, without the use of medications.

Throughout this seven-week online course you’ll be taught lifelong skills and strategies to help you overcome your insomnia. This program will help you learn how to slow down a busy mind/body, reduce stress and tension surrounding sleep, and help you to change unhelpful habits and thinking patterns that may be interfering with your sleep.

Each week you’ll need to attend a 1 – 2 hour online group session, complete written exercises (sleep diary), and practice helpful sleep habits. 

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