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Tackling Insomnia

The most effective long-term treatment for insomnia is a psychology-based treatment, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT-I). This program will assist all you in treating the underlying causes of your insomnia in a warm and accepting group environment, without the use of medications.

Tackling Teen Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep as a teen can be difficult. This short 4-week program will provide your teenager or young person with a safe and warm place to discuss their sleep habits, or lack thereof, with similar-aged peers. Your teen will learn how to achieve healthy sleep and create a functional sleep routine in a way that will not restrict them from engaging in the things they love (e.g., video games, phone, watching T.V.).

Tackling Children’s Sleep


Tackling Sleep During Menopause


Talking Sleep Webinars


Talking Parenting: Solihull

The Solihull Approach is an evidence-based program intended for parents who wish to increase their knowledge of effective and sensitive parenting. This approach aims to improve the relationship between parents and their child through building relationship skills and promoting parent/child communication, connection, and understanding.

Talking Parenting: Tuning Into Kids

Tuning Into Kids is an evidence-based program focused on developing supportive, emotionally responsive parenting. This program aims to teach parents and carers emotion coaching skills – that is, skills in recognising, understanding, and regulating their own and their children’s emotions.

Talking Parenting: Tuning Into Teens


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