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, Talking Parenting: Solihull


The Solihull Approach is an evidence-based program intended for parents who wish to increase their knowledge of effective and sensitive parenting. This approach aims to improve the relationship between parents and their child through building relationship skills and promoting parent/child communication, connection, and understanding.

The Solihull Approach is applicable to children of all ages (i.e., 0 – 18), and is available to parents at both antenatal and postnatal stages.

Through this program, parents are equipped with skills to engage in effective communication with their children, which often helps to ease the occurrence of behavioural based sleep issues in children. It should be noted, the skills acquired through the Solihull Approach training are applicable to all relationships in life, thus making it significantly valuable beyond improving parent/child relationships.

Solihull programs vary in length and focus, but typically involve 8 – 10, 1-hour sessions, in which groups are made up of 5 – 12 participants, and 2 facilitators. Each session targets a different component of relationships and includes a range of activities, open discussions, home activities, handouts, and structured breaks. For more information, visit Solihull Approach Australia.To find out more click here.

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