Talking Parenting: Tuning Into Kids

Tuning Into Kids/Teens


Tuning Into Kids is an evidence-based program focused on developing supportive, emotionally responsive parenting. This program aims to teach parents and carers emotion coaching skills – that is, skills in recognising, understanding, and regulating their own and their children’s emotions. The program discusses parent’s beliefs and reactions to their own and others’ emotions, their attitudes and beliefs about parenting, their skills in emotion coaching, as well as enhancing parents’ abilities to improve family emotion climate.
, Talking Parenting: Tuning Into Kids
, Talking Parenting: Tuning Into Kids

Emotional Competency

Emotional intelligence, otherwise known as emotional competency, is one of life’s most fundamental skills. The ability to efficiently understand, communicate, and regulate one’s own emotions, as well as understand, interpret, and interact with others’ emotions is often associated with better life outcomes.

Emotional development begins early in childhood and is fostered (or hindered) by the types of social interactions experienced during this developmental stage. Parents play a vital role in the shaping and teaching of emotion-based skills in their children.

Parent’s influence their children through several means, including their modelled emotional expression and regulation, their reactions to their child’s emotions, and how they discuss and teach emotions with their children.

However, not all parenting styles lead to good emotional intelligence in children. Tuning Into Kids/Teens aims to provide parents with the knowledge and skills to foster emotional competence within their children.

To achieve this, Tuning Into Kids teaches parents;

• Skills in assisting children to verbally label their emotions,

• Awareness and regulation of their own emotions,

• Awareness of their children’s emotions,

• To view children’s emotional experiences as an opportunity to teach emotion competence skills,

• To understand the impact of emotionally dismissive versus emotion coaching parenting styles,

• To guide children’s behaviour with appropriate limits, and

• To practise appropriate self-care in order to better undertake the role of parent

Ultimately, developing these skills leads to improved emotional, social, and behavioural functioning in children.

This program consists of 8  1 – 1.5  hour group sessions. It is supplemented by video content, handouts, and other resources. This program is suitable parents and caregivers from a diverse range of situations and family dynamics. 1 – 2 bimonthly booster sessions are also available

An adapted version of this program called Tuning Into Teens is offered to parents and caregivers of teens and young people. To find out more click here.

A slightly different version of this program is offered to parents of teenagers and young people. To find out more click here.

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